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Social network strategy – Participate fully and consistently

The term social networking refers to groups of people forming groups and communities sometimes in schools, universities and organisations. Online social networking includes the term connecting and sharing information and also same interest and goals with other people through online. In enterprise 2.0, Social networks are increasingly being used by organisation to enhance collaboration both internally and externally.







Social networking can give a positive impact especially to strengthen marketing strategy by organisation. It replaces the traditional method of meeting face-to-face and in turn build a powerful relationship internally and externally. The way to do this to to get more interaction among the members.

There are many strategies that can be used for social networking and one of the strategy that im going to explain is participate fully and consistently.




Some tactic to participate fully and consistently

1. Determine your goal and objectives

The organisation must set a goal for what purpose they created the social network to allow communication internally and externally. Whether its marketing, public relationship or others that  the organisation will benefit from the social networking strategy, they must set a goal to fulfill those objectives.

2. Create digital rodolex of contacts and content

Relationships will build naturally as long as social networking is done correctly. This can be done by making good connections with people by following conversation. Interesting conversation will lead to more people interested to participate and will spread out by word of mouth.

3. Post and upload more quality materials

By posting more whether it is comments or in forums, and answering questions by others, it will create more people eager to participate. This is because they know that the organisation is active and is always there to entertain them.

4. Strengthen relationship

Even though the communication are done online via social media, it is considered to be much powerful and effective. The reason for this is because people can hide behind their avatar or profile picture rather then being face to face. This will strengthen the relationship with those who the organisation have conversed with even when never met in person.

Social network strategies will vary for each organisation.  However, one thing is clear, it  needs to have everyones commitment in order to be successfully integrated into you’re the organisation’s goals and objectives.