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Enterprise 2.0 Benefits

In some organization, employers face the problem to know that their employees more into socializing than working. What some employers don’t know is that, being in the environment of social networking can be a great asset to a business. They always think that when employees socialize, they have this negative feeling that it’s a way of having fun instead of doing work. In some cases, this might be true and it’s a big problem and is the potential loss of productivity. Otherwise, they can actually change the way the organization do business and boost up its productivity.

Here I list down some of the advantages and benefits that Enterprise 2.0 has to offer:-

Communication / socialize

Internet is one of the greatest communication tools. For organization, they can do business with others simultaneously and expand their business further. This will also allow them to make better and faster decisions.

Alligning shared goals among diverse team

Business are more global and can share the same vision with those situated at different areas especially at remote places. They can connect with relevant people with whom they prefer to do their business with.

Enhance innovation

Employees can harness great ideas across business. This will motivate others and enable ideas to flow and shared across the organization. This can also gather and create collective knowledge through everyday communication. This knowledge can be distributed quickly through medium provided.


Westpac set an example using Enterprise 2.0 in their banking strategy. By using Enterprise 2.o, they managed to connect themselves with people and share knowledge. Another advantage to this is attracting, retaining and reusing people and corporate knowledge.




Enterprise 2.0 – Interconnecting teams and their collective knowledge