Successful Wiki – Assigning a champion

An organization creates a Wiki acting as a group communication mechanisms allowing contributions to be edited in addition to the content itself. This method is called ‘open editing’ where the concept has some profound and subtle effects on wiki usage.




The Strategy – Employ, incentivize, entice so called ‘champions’ to smooth the way for others

Appoint ‘champion’ for wiki:

One of the best way is to assign a staff member of an organization with knowlegeable skills of using a wiki so that he/she will be able to help guide others on how to use it. The role of a champion of a wiki will be to lead others in using it and making sure all contribution are accurate. A champion will make sure to observe and check all contributions to a wiki by others. In turn, champion will also add content to give encouragement for other to increase participation.

Apply Rules and Regulations:

Rules and regulations should be clearly specified to everyone that uses the wiki’s in an organisation. Since it is a way of communication and collaboration between colleagues, it is a good idea to let users know and understand of the rules and make them aware of it.

Allow others to contribute:

Some people are reluctant to contribute their ideas probably because they are scared that it might not be correct or acceptable. The idea of a wiki is to let other users share what they think is accurate and this will also replace the original work of other people who have contribute it earlier. Though some people might feel that it is wrong to mess up with peoples work and replace it with their own, this is how wiki works as long as their contribution is clear and precise.

Tactics for implementing the strategy

A wiki champion responsible for integrating information on the wiki and keeping it up to date. Some other roles could include:

  • keeping track of edits
  • removing spam
  • pulling information from blogs and other corporate channels
  • encouraging other staff members to use the wiki




2 responses to “Successful Wiki – Assigning a champion

  1. Cool Strategy Dennie .. from my personal perspective, I would love to contribute in a wiki that has Champion because s/he will make sure that I am on the right track while using the wiki. In addition, having Champion of the wiki means that all contribution are up-to-date and reliable as one of his/her role is making sure that all contributions are accurate.

  2. Having a Wiki champion helps a great deal! I would suggest that another role of the champion is to provide incentives for employees that have contributed a great deal to help their peers. They need to be rewarded. By doing this, the company would instill a sense of pride in their work and this will motivate others to do the same. The wiki will grow. Great post!

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