Adoption of social media

There are large number of organisations have not implement the concept of enterprise 2.0 in their strategic plan probably because of the lack of confidence in trying to decide which social media tool to start off with. Social media tools are used by many organisations nowadays and if an organisation is not taking the advantage of using it, they are falling behind with the progress.

I will use Singapore Airline(SIA) as my example here where they only started their social media debut last week and use twitter for the first time. However, there is a Singapore Airline facebook page previously but judging from the page, it was not created by SIA since there was a total silence and no response to visitors post. This gives a bad impression to SIA where people will think that they are not listening and don’t care.

They finally tackled the issue of adoption of social media. If compared to other airlines regionally, SIA is very late in engaging social media. They manage to take over the unofficial Facebook page recently which the creator (an enthusiastic fan) picked up more than 100,000 fans. Now, SIA has some catching up to do where their rival (AirAsia) has more than a million Facebook fans.

The reason for SIA to turn to social media was because of some confusion from people viewing their SIA Official website. Apparantly, the current use of Facebook and twitter helps to boost their image up. This will establish stronger links with its customers.


Singapore Airlines Wiki page
Singapore Airlines suddenly starts tweeting and facebooking

Singapore Airline finally embraces social media
Facebook page – Singaporeair
Twitter – Singaporeair


6 responses to “Adoption of social media

  1. Social media tools always gets the brand name out there. Especially if its on Facebook. For SIA to start using twitter is a good move, if they create a official Facebook page it would be better also. Glad to see companies adopting social media tools

  2. Thats very late of SIA to implement social media into their business knowing that they are one of the best airlines.

  3. the service which provides from SIA is good, but they use social media so late…

  4. Even though there is cost associated with social media adoption, the cost of tackling late adoption is much higher. In fact, protecting organisation’s brand and reputation is one of the main reasons for early Enterprise 2.0 adoption.
    SIA is a good example of “Better late than never”.

  5. It’s true SIA is late to the social media game, but on the other hand, unlike AirAsia (which I wouldn’t consider as a ‘direct’ competitor simply because it’s a budget airline), SIA is already very established as a full service airline and their ‘brand’ is well regarded. In the past they might think their target audience (I’m possibly generalising – but older, more affluent folks?) is so much ‘into’ social media so they could’ve directed their resources into other areas. But I guess now they have reached a point where – Facebook and Twitter are used by a wide demographic plus they need to keep up with their competitors.

  6. That is a great example, i have notice that the way SIA working with social tools. Itl’s way better than other airlines which doesn’t really put more work on social tools which will/did reflect their ccustomers and that will result to low repeutation and less customers who really know about the the orgnaisation.

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