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Enterprise 2.0 Benefits

In some organization, employers face the problem to know that their employees more into socializing than working. What some employers don’t know is that, being in the environment of social networking can be a great asset to a business. They always think that when employees socialize, they have this negative feeling that it’s a way of having fun instead of doing work. In some cases, this might be true and it’s a big problem and is the potential loss of productivity. Otherwise, they can actually change the way the organization do business and boost up its productivity.

Here I list down some of the advantages and benefits that Enterprise 2.0 has to offer:-

Communication / socialize

Internet is one of the greatest communication tools. For organization, they can do business with others simultaneously and expand their business further. This will also allow them to make better and faster decisions.

Alligning shared goals among diverse team

Business are more global and can share the same vision with those situated at different areas especially at remote places. They can connect with relevant people with whom they prefer to do their business with.

Enhance innovation

Employees can harness great ideas across business. This will motivate others and enable ideas to flow and shared across the organization. This can also gather and create collective knowledge through everyday communication. This knowledge can be distributed quickly through medium provided.


Westpac set an example using Enterprise 2.0 in their banking strategy. By using Enterprise 2.o, they managed to connect themselves with people and share knowledge. Another advantage to this is attracting, retaining and reusing people and corporate knowledge.




Enterprise 2.0 – Interconnecting teams and their collective knowledge



What is web 2.0?

Web 2.0 describes that technologies allowing data to become independent from the person who produced it at first or from the site it originated on. Information from this will be broken up into units an therefore will flow freely from one site to another without the person who create it realise or intend to do. Web 2.0 also is a combination of the technology allowing the users to interact with the information.

According to Tim o’Reilly, the diagram below shows example of how the web 2.0 evolves:

My Web 2.0 experience

I have my own experience in using some web 2.0 tools such as follows:


I actually started blogging since few years back and it was more on personal stuff where i share stories and travelling pictures with family and friends. At that time, I was using a different blog website, I only started using wordpress this year and I find it very interesting especially knowing what it can actually do more and it provides a more user friendly admin platform.

My ebay

My eBay is what I mostly use to do my online shopping especially when the items I look for is unique or not available locally. It has new added features to help make buying and selling on eBay faster and easier.


I just recently started using  twitter since im taking Enterprise 2.0 and i use it  to inform other students that my blog is updated with new post. It does help a lot especially when you others to view and give comments.


Web 2.0 Examples. A Mini-Guide

What is Web 2.0 by Time o’Reilly

Successful Bloggers

Starting a blog

There are already lots of bloggers on the web regardless of whether it’s a professional blog or just a simple one. Basically, anyone can start blogging straight away as long as they know what to blog about. To start a blog, you only need to sign up with one of the popular providers such as LiveJournal, Blogger, Tumblr and manymore. As for me, I choose WordPress since I have experience using it before and comfortable with it. These blog providers mention above provides templates so that bloggers can easily manage it since there are not too technical to use especially for beginners.

What blogging can do?

There are many reasons why people do blogging. One of the many reasons is to keep in touch with family and friends by sharing news and photos. A way of sharing stuff with others that the blogger find interesting especially like hobbies, activities and travelling pictures.

Another reason for blogging is that it can be a way of self expression as well as letting out feelings to writing it in the blog.

For those who are into business and marketing, they use blog to promote themselves and it proves to be a good way of network marketing.

For job seekers, they use blog to promote themselves and update their job experience and education field on the blog so that interested companies can browse more about them and contact them when they find the blogger to be qualified for the job.

The blog that I frequently visit is TMZ where it updates activites from big celebrities and usually the trouble that they get themselves into which makes it more interesting and entertaining.

One example of a successful blog that i visited is LinkedIn which is a social networking site where people update details about themselves and connections. LinkedIn can be use in a number of ways such as:

  • To find jobs, people and business opportunities recommended by someone in one’s contact network.
  • Employers can list jobs and search for potential candidates.
  • Job seekers can review the profile of hiring managers and discover which of their existing contacts can introduce them.
  • Users can post their own photos and view photos of others to aid in identification.
  • Users can follow different companies and can get notification about the new joining and offers available.
  • Users can save ( bookmark) jobs which they would like to apply for.


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